Apply for the place

8th of May 2024

The start of Accommodation Action for current Students and Doctoral Students


8-14th of May

Submission of applications for the inclusion of Special Circumstances.

8-19th of May

Submission of ordinary applications.

Until May 16th

The deadline of submitting the corrected applications for the inclusion of Special Circumstances returned for correction due to formal causes.

Until May 23rd

Early examination of applications for the inclusion of Special Circumstances (without specifying the room).


Until May 23rd

Submission of corrected ordinary applications returned for correction due to formal causes.

Until May 29th

The issue of early decisions on granting a place in Student’s Dorm (without stating a specific room).

June 14th

Publication of accommodation lists with statement of specific rooms.


15-18th of June

Submission of appeals.

Until June 24th

Announcement of the results of consideration of the appeals.


June 28th

Deadline of confirming the reservation of a room by booking the reservation payment to the right account (the date does not apply to people who will get a room as a result of an appeal. The appropriate deadline of paying the reservation fee will be specified in the decision of granting a place).

July 2nd

The end of Accommodation Action.


  1. The campaign is intended only for current WUT students and PhD students.
  2. Two types of applications can be made in the campaign – ordinary and special circumstances inclusion.
  3. Requests for special circumstances inclusion are divided into request for medical reasons and non-medical reasons related to activities for the academic community.
  4. Requests for special circumstances inclusion for medical reasons are requests when the applicant has medical documentation supported by relevant medical opinions on the indication to receive a place out of order or to receive a specific type of room, e.g., a room for wheelchair users or visually impaired, etc.
  5. Requests for special circumstances inclusion for non-medical reasons related to activities for the academic community are request when:
  6. The applicant has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to social activities that distinguishes him from other social activists. These achievements must be adequately confirmed by the opinion of a minimum of one of the following authorities:
    1. WUT Students’ Union Chairperson
    2. Audit Committee
    3. Central Committees of the WUT Students’ Union Chairpersons
    4. Dean
  7. The person successfully represents academic community in national or international sports arenas. These achievements should be confirmed by diplomas or by indicating the place of ranking lists, union sites, etc. confirming the respective places in competitions, etc.
  8. Requests for special circumstances inclusion are shall be considered by the relevant committees, the composition of which shall be listed in the application for the initiation of accommodation campaign.
  9. Committees that consider request for special circumstances inclusion have the right to request documents confirming the condition resulting from the application and to ask for additional clarification.
  10. Requests for which the documents expected by the committee are not provided will be rejected and will go for reconsideration already as ordinary applications.
  11. Requests for special circumstances that are rejected will continue to participate in the accommodation campaign as ordinary applications.
  12. By submitting a request, the applicant is only requesting a place in the Student Housing Complex resources and is not guaranteed to receive a specific room or type of room.
  13. Information about preferred, for example, room types, room compositions, dormitories or specific room numbers is only a guide for committees assigning specific places.
  14. Those who are interested in a particular type of room, place or composition can check the option “If I do not have the opportunity to receive a preferred place, please reject my application” in the application. Checking this option will inform the committee that if there is no possibility of being awarded that particular type of room then the application have to be rejected.
  15. Priority for room assignments will be given to individuals currently accommodated in a specific room who declare their intention to stay there as a complete group. However, this is not a mandatory rule for the committee.
  16. Submitted applications must be formally correct, i.e., all mandatory fields must be filled in with accurate data, especially the address of residence. If the address of a Warsaw University of Technology dormitory is provided, the applications will be returned for formal correction. If the address is not corrected properly, the application will still be considered, but the applicant will receive 0 points in the distance criterion, which can significantly reduce their chances of getting a spot.
  17. Applications from individuals who do not have the status of a Warsaw University of Technology student or PhD candidate during the verification of the application will be rejected for formal reasons.
  18. A limited number of places are designated for the campaign. Priority will be given to applications that involve special circumstances.
  19. Remaining spots will be allocated among applicants based on ordinary applications.
  20. If the number of applications exceeds the number of places available for the campaign, a ranking list will be created, with the main criterion being the distance of the registered address from the main building of Warsaw University of Technology (Plac Politechniki 1, 00-661 Warsaw). Distance will be measured in a straight line, with 1 point awarded for each kilometre.
  21. Only individuals who have not been disciplined during their stay in Warsaw University of Technology dormitories can participate in the campaign.
  22. Only individuals who are settled with the dormitories by May 15, meaning they have no outstanding payments, including for May 2024, can participate. Individuals who are not currently residing in the dormitories but have lived there previously must have “settled” status. Otherwise, their applications will be rejected for formal reasons.
  23. Individuals wishing to live with their spouse must mark the appropriate box in the application, attach required documents, and fill in all required fields including the spouse’s data. The application will then be considered based on the data of the applicant who is a Warsaw University of Technology student, and they will be allotted 2 places, one of which will be for the spouse.
  24. Individuals who receive spots in the dorms will be required to pay a reservation fee of 300 PLN to the account number provided in the direction.
  25. Reservation fees of at least 300 PLN must be recorded before the deadlines specified in the campaign schedule. For those who receive spots on appeal, an individual deadline set by the appeals committee applies.
  26. Failure to pay the reservation fee in the required amount is equivalent to resignation from the assigned place.
  27. In case of a reservation fee higher than the established 300 PLN, the excess will be credited towards the payments for the first months of accommodation.
  28. Appeals can be submitted against negative decisions about the awarding of a spot or if, due to a commission’s error, a spot was mistakenly assigned, e.g., to a man and a woman in the same room who did not apply to live together.
  29. Appeals must include a justification as to why they should be considered positively; appeals without justification will be automatically rejected.
  30. Appeals concerning dissatisfaction with the assigned type of room or specific location not due to an error on the part of the committee will be automatically rejected.
  31. Swapping places or rooms, etc., will be possible within the framework of the Spot Bank campaign after accommodation.
  32. The composition of the appeals committee is specified in the annex to the application to initiate the campaign.
  33. The Head of the Student Dormitories has the deciding vote when considering appeals.
  34. Individuals who need a attestation will have to fill out an application for a attestation through the ESKS system.
  35. Attestation of granted place will be issued only after paying the reservation fee.
  36. Loss of Warsaw University of Technology student or PhD candidate status after being granted a spot does not result in the loss of the reservation.
WKK.WAiNS@samorzad.pw.edu.pl Faculty Accommodation Commitee of Administration and Social Science
WKK.WAPW@samorzad.pw.edu.pl Faculty Accommodation Commitee of Faculty of Architecture
WKK.CHEM@samorzad.pw.edu.pl Faculty Accommodation Commitee of Faculty of Chemistry
WKK.EITI@samorzad.pw.edu.pl Faculty Accommodation Commitee of Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology
WKK.EE@samorzad.pw.edu.pl Faculty Accommodation Commitee of Faculty of Electrical Engineering
WKK.FIZ@samorzad.pw.edu.pl Faculty Accommodation Commitee of Faculty of Physics
WKK.GiK@samorzad.pw.edu.pl Faculty Accommodation Commitee of Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography
WKK.IBHiIS@samorzad.pw.edu.pl Faculty Accommodation Commitee of Faculty of Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering
WKK.IChiP@samorzad.pw.edu.pl Faculty Accommodation Commitee of Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering 
WKK.IL@samorzad.pw.edu.pl Faculty Accommodation Commitee of Faculty of Civil Engineering
WKK.WIM@samorzad.pw.edu.pl Faculty Accommodation Commitee of Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
WKK.MT@samorzad.pw.edu.pl Faculty Accommodation Commitee of Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
WKK.MiNI@samorzad.pw.edu.pl Faculty Accommodation Commitee of Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science
WKK.MEiL@samorzad.pw.edu.pl Faculty Accommodation Commitee of Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering
WKK.MCHTR@samorzad.pw.edu.pl Faculty Accommodation Commitee of Faculty of Mechatronics
WKK.SiMR@samorzad.pw.edu.pl Faculty Accommodation Commitee of Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering
WKK.WT@samorzad.pw.edu.pl Faculty Accommodation Commitee of Faculty of Transport
WKK.WZ@samorzad.pw.edu.pl Faculty Accommodation Commitee of Faculty of Management 
WKK.DOKT@samorzad.pw.edu.pl Seperate Accommodation Commitee of pHd Students

For technical problems related to the operation of the ESKS system, please direct questions to the PW Service Desk Team at 5999@pw.edu.pl .


For other questions related to the accommodation process, regulations, price lists, schedules, among others, please contact the Accommodation Committees.