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Students’ Union of the Warsaw University of Technology is composed of all students of Warsaw University of Technology.

The organs of the Students’ Union cooperate with the authorities and the administration of our Alma Mater, so that all of us can have a better education, they consult us on essential legal acts, they take care of social issue and the quality of education, they distribute funds designated for student activities, they support internationalization, they organize cultural, sport and tourist events, but most of all they support all students in their everyday problems.

The mission of SSPW is very simple: the Students’ Union represents and defends the rights of Students. It takes care of the scientific and cultural development of the Students and promotes sports and tourism. It takes care of the best conditions for learning, acquiring knowledge and skills, and supports valuable student initiatives.


Student’s council office
Gmach Główny Politechniki Warszawskiej
Pl. Politechniki 1 pok. 165
00-661, Warszawa

Mail:  stypendia@samorzad.pw.edu.pl

Duty hours available on our internal website “SwiatSSPW”