Apply for a place

November 27, 2023

Start of the accommodation

November 27, 2023 – February 6, 2024

Submitting applications via the ESKS system

February 9, 2024

Deadline for submitting the list of assignments to the Accommodation Center via the ESKS system

February 16, 2024

Beginning of accommodation in Dormitories for people who were granted a place in the campaign

February 27, 2024

The final date of validity of referrals to the Dormitories for persons who did not apply for an extension of the validity of the referral in accordance with the regulations of the accommodation campaign.

  1. This accommodation process, coordinated by the Centre for International Cooperation (CWM), is for international students accepted for the 1st year of studies in English starting in the summer semester of 2024.
  2. Dormitories are allocated only to those who correctly complete and submit an application in the Electronic Students Accommodation System (ESKS) and enter the correct CID number (candidate ID number).
  3. An application in the ESKS system may only be submitted by a person having the Accepted status in the Online Application System for Studies of CWM.
  4. The application may be considered only if a candidate confirms the submission of the dormitory application in the ESKS system by clicking the confirmation button in the Online Application System for Studies in English of CWM.
  5. Dormitories are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  6. Those who have been allocated a dormitory and need to extend their referrals until 4 March 2024 have to send a request for permission to extend their referrals to kwaterunkowe@pw.edu.plfrom 10 February 2024 to 26 February 2024.
  7. Referrals can only be extended until 4 March 2024. The only confirmation of acceptance of the application for extension is the receipt of a return email from the Accommodation Centre confirming this. Failure to receive feedback means that the referral is not extended.
  8. The selection of a given dormitory in the dormitory application does not guarantee that this dormitory will be allocated. It is just the suggestion to the accommodation committee.

For technical problems related to the operation of the ESKS system, please direct questions to the PW Service Desk Team at 5999@pw.edu.pl .

For other questions related to the accommodation process, regulations, price lists, schedules, among others, please contact the Accommodation Committees.