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Newly Accepted Foreign Students

Academic year 2021/2022


Academic year 2021/2022

Branch in Płock

Academic year 2021/2022 DS Wcześniak


Academic year 2021/2022

Newly Accepted Polish Students

Academic year 2021/2022

Summer Period

July, August, September 2021

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Erasmus+ and Bilateral Exchanges

Academic year 2021/2022

Current Students and PhD students

Academic year 2021/2022



Due to the publication of the new Rules and Regulations for the Allocation of Places, there is no obligation to make a deposit.Payments made to date will be treated as an overpayment.

Zgoda Rektora Zaliczki

Newly Accepted Students

Details of the action for newly accepted Polish students are available, and information about the action for foreigners will soon follow.

Preliminary results current students

Preliminary lists of room assignments have been sent to your email inboxes. In case of any problems or inconveniences, you can fill appeal until May 29 using the survey sent to mails.

Current Students Special Circumstances

A list of people with approved applications under special circumstances for student activity is available.

If your application was submitted under this route and is not on the list then we will process it under the standard route.

Information on Special Circumstances for Social Grant and Disability, will be sent on 15 May with the remaining results.

Welcome on new accommodation website

Welcome on new accommodation website. On the left you can find current and future accommodation processes. Press them, to see more details.