Accommodation processes

Summer Period

July, August, September 2022

Finished processes

Current Students and PhD students

Academic year 2022/2023


Academic year 2022/2023

Help for Ukraine

Summer Semester 2021/2022

Summer Semester

Summer Semester 2021/2022

Newly Accepted Erasmus+ Students

Summer Semester 2021/2022

Branch in Płock

Academic year 2021/2022 DS Wcześniak

Candidates to PhD schools

Rok akademicki 2021/2022


Academic year 2021/2022


Academic year 2021/2022

Newly Accepted Polish Students

Academic year 2021/2022

Newly Accepted Foreign Students

Academic year 2021/2022


Renovation of “Pineska”

Dear Residents,

We would like to inform you that due to the planned renovation, the “Pineska” Student House will be closed from July 1st.
Second part of the building, DS “Tulipan” will remain open.

Accommodation for Summer holidays

Akcja Wakacyjna rozpocznie się w czerwcu. Będzie ona otwarta, co oznacza, że będzie mógł wziąć w niej udział każdy, nie tylko studenci Politechniki Warszawskiej. Więcej szczegółów wkrótce.

PhD Students

Newly accepted PhD students are asked to contact after decision for acceptance for studies via e-mail

Bank of Places

Starting from Monday, 11 October the Bank of Places will be open, through which you can get a place in the WUT Dormitory during the academic year.

Non WUT students won’t be able to receive place before 18th October

Changing dormitories will be possible from November

Contact and details ->

End of accommodation processes

The last rooms have been allocated, the results were sent out by email on Friday. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at


Due to very high interest in the complementary action, we were not able to send out the allocations as scheduled. Results of the supplemental action and for PhD candidates will be released early next week at the latest.