Map of how to find us

Address of the office of SSPW:
Main building of WUT
Pl. Politechniki 1, room 165
00-661 Warszawa
Phone: (22)234 5060
Fax: 622 94 77

In the office SSPW find help in all matters of student.

Of course, you should first find out the Students' Union Faculty Council, however if issues go outside the scope of faculty we invite you to duty:

Chairman of WUT Students' Union - Taras Jakub

Monday 12-14 Wednesday 13-15 Thursday 11-13

Chairman of Student Welfare Committee - Bińkowska Magdalena

Wednesday 12-14

Chairman of Academic Matters Committee - Zajdel Jakub

Tuesday 9-15

Chairman of Economic and Financial Matters Committeej - Smolaga Łukasz

Thursday 14-16

Chairman of International Matters Committee - Agata Fahrenholz

Thursday 11:15 - 13:15

Chairman of Cultural Matters Committee - Nowak Diana

Monday 10:15-12:15

Chairman of Sports and Tourism Committee - Lisicki Michał

Tuesday 10:00-12:00

Chairman of Student Dormitories Committee - Kamiński Damian

Wednesday 14-16

Chairman of Information and Communication Committee - Buczek Leszek Emil

Thursday 14:00-16:00

Chairman of Student Accommodation Committee - Sieklucki Bartosz

Wednesday 13.00-14.00 Friday 13.00-14.00

Student Senator for accounting of Student Union's Basic Units - Obłoza Paweł

Tuesday 14.00-16.00

Student Senator - Kaczorowski Bogdan

Student Senator - Pieniążkiewicz Magdalena

Tuesday 14:00-16:00,

Chairman of Research Interest Groups Council - Wojciechowski Tomasz

Tuesday 10-13

Deputy Chairman of Research Interest Groups Council - PnaPN - Pepłowski Andrzej

Tuesday 12-13

Deputy Chairman of Research Interest Groups Council - Wawrzeniuk Urszula

after agreement by e-mail

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