Want to stay for the vacations? Check out the information below!

DS Akademik akademik.ds@pw.edu.pl 222 344 416
DS Bratniak-Muszelka  jaroslaw.sobol@pw.edu.pl222 344 201
DS Pineska-Tulipan  edyta.wojciechowska@pw.edu.pl222 344 201
DS Babilon kinga.luzar@ds.pw.edu.pl 22 234 40 03
DS Ustronie beata.ciesla@pw.edu.pl 222 343 101
DS Riviera karolina.ruszkowska@pw.edu.pl 222 349 881
DS Mikrus anna.jaros@pw.edu.pl 22 234 98 61
DS ŻaczekMalgorzata.Pawlow@pw.edu.pl222 348 888
DS Tatrzańska anna.chomenko@pw.edu.pl 222 343 405

If you want to stay in the dormitory for the summer vacations, you have to settle the fees in full and inform the administration of the dormitory in which you live about it by the deadlines specified in the schedule. You can inform the administration either by mail, phone or in person.

If you do not live in a DS you can get a place in the same way as during the academic year, i.e. by contacting the Bank of Places https://sspw.pl/en/en-bank-miejsc/

In case of changing to a new place within one dormitory, please contact the administration of you dormitory, and in case of a change of dormitory, please contact the Bank of Places.

Prices for students and PhD students for the vacation period are set out in the Price List for places in Student Residences.

The DS administration in consultation with the Residents’ Council has the right to refuse accommodation without giving any reason.